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World's First Push Probe for the In-Situ Determination of Heavy & Hazardous Elements In Soil

Austin, TX USA, February 27, 2005:  Austin AI's newly released cone penetrometer for elemental analysis of soil (CP-1000), after rigorous lab and field testing has been accepted by the Japanese civil engineering firm, Nikken Sekkei. This installation represents a major breakthrough in the ability to perform in-field characterization of soil, heretofore, requiring time consuming and costly sampling and shipping our for laboratory analysis.

The CP-1000, based on Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology is capable of determining hazardous metals such as As, Cd, Pb, Hg, Se, and Ag down to the concentrations of 100 ppm and lower. Designed to operate in continuous push or stop and measure mode, the CP-1000 is engineered to directly interface with currently available hydraulic push equipment.

Rick Comtois, president of Austin AI, says, "This will revolutionize the in-situ soil and sediment characterization industry as the CP-1000's elemental analysis capability adds the desired third dimension to the physical and organic technology already available."

Austin AI, Inc is a developer and manufacturer of high-performance, cost-effective custom and automated instrumentation solutions for industries including recycling, chemical, petroleum, environmental, mining, general manufacturing and other applications requiring automated sorting and separation.

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