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Austin AI Announces Agreement with OmniSource to Build Automated XRF Copper Extracting System

June 25, 2007 Austin TX - Austin AI announced it received an order from OmniSource Corporation to co-develop and deliver a fully automated, high-volume copper extraction system. The breakthrough system is the first in the world to automatically remove free and commingled copper (commonly known as "meatballs") from ferrous shred. Automated copper picking will be far more effective than manual picking. The throughput capacity of the system will be up to 150 tons per hour.

The QXR-Mme (meatball extractor) system uses proven X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology which has successfully been applied to other sorting and separating needs within the recycling industry - glass, engineered plastics, contaminated wood. XRF technology positively identifies and then sorts mixed metal scrap into specific categories based on high specific material chemistry. This high level of accuracy improves recoveries and increases asset value for metal recyclers.

The QXR-Mme system is designed to maximize cost-effectiveness with a fast return on investment (ROI), driven by three factors:

  • Produce lower copper shred (higher value ferrous shred), typically < 17 points
  • Reduction of manual pickers
  • Extract moreof the higher value copper pickings

About OmniSource:

One of the largest processors and brokers of scrap metal in North America, OmniSource generates annual sales revenue of $2.5 billion, from 6 million tons of ferrous scrap and 900 million pounds of non-ferrous metals. OmniSource employs more than 2000 people in 42 facilities located in 7 states and Canada.

More information on the QXR-Mme can be accessed at:

For more information, please contact

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