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Turbocharge Metal Scrap Processing With Austin AI's QXR-M

Automated Sorting & Separating System Assures Maximum Recovery of Metal Scrap


Austin, TX USA, April 25, 2003: Austin AI, LLC introduces the QXR-M, a fully automated system designed to rapidly and accurately sort and separate metal from non-metal materials, and to simultaneously sort and separate alloys according to general classification, ensuring the highest resale value of scrap material.

Co-developed with the world's most advanced recycling company, Austin AI's QXR-M will maximize scrap recycler's efforts and increase their profits by:

  • Recovering maximum amount of valuable scrap.
  • Assuring purity of scrap product
  • Processing 6+ tons of scrap per hour.
  • Reducing cost of labor.
  • Sorting up to 15 different metals by grade.
  • Returning investment in typically less than 6 months.

Operation of this unique system begins when a specialized camera detects the position of metal material moving on a converyor belt and initiates analysis. Type of metals is then determined and results are processed by the electronics and PC, and then sent to a PLC or linear product separation mechanism used to segregate products into their respective collection bins.

The QXR-M continous on-line system is based on proven non-destructive Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology. Benefits of XRF for the sorting and separation of metal products include:

  • Speed - sample throughput of 3 analyses per second.
  • Accuracy - 98%+.
  • Ruggedness - performs well in the harshest industrial environments.
  • Reliability - low cost of ownership.
  • Safety - minimal human handling of hazardous material.

All QXR-M sorting and separation systems are customized according to customer specification for product volume, speed and accuracy and include our proprietary software and electronics. Optional radiation detection equipment can be integrated to detect and isolate hazardous scrap material.

For details, contact, or - 512-837-9400

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