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Austin AI's Automated Sorting & Separating System Deemed Best Available Technology for Metals, Plastics & Glass Industries

Austin, TX USA, February 27, 2005:  Austin AI's QXR technology is a unique combination of optical and Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) discriminators. This continous on-line system has the capability of classifying up to 15 different material types and synchronizing with a variety of diverting mechanisms. Depending on the material type and separation requirements, this tool is capable of rendering highly specific sorting in rates of 1-10 tons per hour. Operating at belt speeds up to 300-400 feet per minute, the QXR is capable of making decisions on piece ID's in as few as 100 milliseconds.

In two independent studies conducted by a panel of experts in their respective industries, the QXR technology was evaluated alongside all other available sorting techniques. In spite of the many qualified approaches, Austin AI's proprietary QXR system was selected as best for each respective industry's current and future needs. Part of the decision criteria was economically based, such as yielding shortest return on investment and generating the highest competitive market edge.

Each of the aforementioned industries can economically benefit from the increased specificity of the sorted materials. That is, the more precisely defined groupings of material achieved, the more the recycler can expect to receive on the resale market.


"These independent studies substantiate our faith in the advanced engineering and design criteria we've put into this product line," says Rick Comtois, president of Austin AI. "We're proud to have these highly respected organizations depend on our technology to maintain leadership in their various industries. Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the purchase and sale contract. We understand the need to maintain our leadership position as a provider of state-of-the-art technology. To do so, we must continue to partner with our customers to meet their everchanging needs."


Austin AI is a developer and manufacturer of high-performance, cost-effective custom and automated instrumentation solutions for industries including recycling, chemical, petroleum, environmental, mining, general manufacturing and other applications requiring automated sorting and separation.

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