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Austin AI's QXR-G Aids in Glass Recycling; Identifies & Removes Glass Ceramic from Recycling Process

March 8, 2006, Austin TX - Austin Automation & Instrumentation (Austin AI) has installed their first in-line system for glass ceramic identification and removal, at Reiling Glas Recycling GmbH's facility located in Marienfeld, Germany.

Container glass for food and beverage industries is recycle-able. Ceramic glass (such that is used in the manufacture of ovenware and high temperature applications) and leaded crystal, has different physical properties than container glass. If introduced into the cullet (furnace ready scrap-glass material), it will foul the production of new glass containers.

Reiling evaluated several technologies to determine the best approach for identification and removal of glass ceramic and crystal contaminants from their cullet. After several months of testing, Austin AI's QXR-G was determined to be the best solution, providing the greatest sensitivity, selectivity and through-put requirements as needed by Reiling. Roland Pohl, Quality Manager of Reiling, stated, "Austin AI's technology is currently the best and most promising solution to the glass ceramic problem. We believe we can solve any challenge, when we have good partners."

Austin AI's QXR-G is a fully automated in-line spectrometer, capable of processing up to 20 tons/hour of glass cullet. The QXR-G is mounted down-stream of the glass crusher, and examines the cullet for spectrometric signatures characteristic of various types of contaminants. When contaminants are detected, the QXR-G activates a diverter to direct the process line away from further processing. When the contaminants have passed, the cullet is allowed to pass un-touched through the remainder of the processing line.

Rick Comtois, President of Austin AI, commented, "It is extremely gratifying to find a solution to a nagging industry problem. The QXR-G is just one example of the power of our technology, and capabilities for automated process control."

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