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Austin AI's Wins Contract from Schnitzer Steel - Installation of QXR-M for High Value Material Extraction

September 11 , 2006, Austin TX - Austin AI, Inc. is pleased to announce the installation of two QXR-M separation systems to Schnitzer Steel located in Everett , Massachusetts . The Schnitzer facility marks the second largest system produced by Austin AI to date.

The QXR-M is designed to extract high dollar materials from post eddy current materials, such as copper and zinc. Additional capabilities for sorting and grading aluminum products are also provided. Such flexibility allows Schnitzer to adapt and stay on top of changing market conditions, and due to the QXR-M high accuracy allows them to sell highly pure materials directly to secondary market place (specialty smelters).

Austin AI's QXR-M utilizes Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology to perform a quick, non-destructive chemical analysis of materials. Extraction is rapid, generally a few milli-seconds to perform the analysis and separation, which allows large material volumes to be processed. The separation is highly accurate, generally 95 % or higher for most material types, above and beyond competitive technologies.'

The first system was installed at Schnitzer in September. Site visits are scheduled, by appointment by contacting Schnitzer Steel's Pat Christopher.

Austin AI has been very successful in providing quality equipment to scrap processors in North America , and has over 10 systems installed to date for similar and custom sorting requirements. Rick Comtois, President of Austin AI, commented, "It is extremely gratifying to find a solution to a nagging industry problem. The QXR-M is just one example of the power of our technology, and capabilities for scrap yard operations."

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