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Austin AI's Wins Contract from University of Miami - First Automated Inspection System for Scrap Wood Recycling

September 11 , 2006, Austin TX - Austin AI, Inc. has won a contract from the University of Miami (Coral Gabreils, FL) to install an automated system for extracting CCA treated wood processed by Florida Wood ( Town of Medley , FL ). This marks the first automated, commercially available system supplied to this industry.

The QXR-M is designed to identify and remove CCA treated wood from incoming scrap materials. The device is mounted below the picking line, to provide a rapid inspection of materials destined for recycling. Dr. Helena Solo-Gabriele, whom for the last 10 years has researched the affects of CCA upon human health and environment, led the equipment evaluation.

Austin AI's QXR-W utilizes Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology to perform a quick, non-destructive chemical analysis of wood. The inspection is rapid, generally a few milli-seconds to perform the analysis and separation, which allows large material volumes to be processed. The separation is highly accurate, generally 97 % or higher for most material regardless of the presence of moisture, dirt or presence of paint.

The system is to be installed by year's end at Florida Wood, the leader in environmental safety of recycled wood products

Austin AI has been very successful in providing quality equipment to scrap processors in North America , and has over 10 systems installed to date for various material sorting and separation requirements.

For more information related to this project with The University of Miami ... CLICK HERE

For details, contact "", or - 512-837-9400

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