Aluminum  Scrap Processors

  • Aluminum makes up about 8% of the Earth's crust by mass.

  • Aluminum is theoretically 100% recyclable without any loss of its natural qualities.

  • White dross from primary Aluminum production and from secondary recycling operations still contains useful quantities of Aluminum that can be extracted industrially.

  • Aluminum is remarkable for the metal's low density and its ability to resist corrosion through the phenomenon of passivation.​

  • Growth in Aluminum production is expected to increase 5% - 7% per annum over the next 5 years.
​Scrap Processors
  • Get full intrinsic value by sorting the components of Twitch and Zorba into their most valuable alloys.

  • Don’t give away margin when sorting can be done for <$0.01 per lb; and your total value of sold good increased several to 10 times that much.

  • Deliver a Preferred Product to  your key clients, thus insuring a viable market during good times and bad.

​Aluminum Cast Products
  • We demonstrate leading technology and innovation with our differentiated, sustainable array of cast aluminum sorting products.

  • Our global customers cast Aluminum into specific shapes to meet customer demand in the automotive, building and construction, electrical, industrial and transportation markets.

  • Cast Aluminum always has major alloying amounts of Si, and typically very low tolerance for the presence of Mg.​

​Aluminum Wrought Products
  • Sorting Technology is a key strategic pillar at all Aluminum recycler.

  • They invest heavily in leading edge technology, equipment, and manufacturing processes.

  • Austin AI LIBS and XRF Sorting Technology combined both new and existing technologies.

  • We deliver what you need to be efficient, flexible, and lean, especially in challenging times, and our commitment to automation, flexible manufacturing, innovation, and technology remains a bedrock principle.

  • Besides this we believe that technology is a differentiator and key to long-term success.
        5000 series aluminum wrought alloys Austin AI LIBS Technology could separate from
        6000 series.

​Sorting Example
  • Sorting of non-ferrous metals by

  • Sorting 5000 and 6000 Series

  • Separation of unwanted copper, brass, lead, stainless steel, carbon steel, zinc etc.

  • Sorting of Aluminium based on Cu-, Zn- and Fe-content Al alloy 6061
  • Sorting of heavy metals creating pure fraction of copper, zinc, brass, stainless steel etc.
  • Sorting Capacity up to 5 t/h

​Key for Success
  • Our sorting technology improve your process!

  • If you’re looking to extract and purify metals from waste and recycling streams, you’re in the right place.

  • If you consume scrap metal, and your goal is melt specific furnace feedstock, you’re in the right place.

  • Austin AI has the newest and most specific technology to deliver the absolute best metal sorting systems—period.

  • We make that statement based on experience. We back it with proof from our customers.

  • We have technology that is independently tested and proven.


Austin AI Technology will find what you are looking for!

What is your Material?


  1. Austin AI sensor-based technology increases the waste-stream yield by ensuring consistent quality of output.
  2. Austin AI sensor-based technology allows material composition to be monitored to improve grading of fractions.
  3. Austin AI Sorting is flexible sorting systems function effectively with an extremely wide variety of material streams.
  4. Austin AI perform successfully an extensive range of sorting tasks and are able to do both prepare and sort secondary raw material of metals and waste for material recycling.

1xxx / 1050A

2xxx / 2014A

4xxx / 4043A

6xxx / 6082

8xxx / 8090



3xxx / 3103



5xxx / 5083



7xxx / 7020