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Cone Penetrometer (CP-1000)
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Our Team


Austin AI is a closely-knit team of Sales, Marketing, R&D and Applications personnel. Our skills encompass a wide variety of analytical techniques in the fields of atomic and molecular spectroscopy, wet chemistry analysis (including separation techniques). In addition, we have a resource reserve of expert scientists, engineers and technology vendors, allowing to triumph over difficult analysis and measurement challenges.

No other company has the depth of knowledge and experience in XRF product and market development as the Austin AI team. Over the past 20 years, Austin AI founders and employees are responsible for growing several small instrument and analytical companies in a highly competitive marketplace based upon sound business practices and creative application of technology. A small sampling of the history of successes enjoyed by the Austin AI principals includes:

  • Established and grew a full service analytical chemistry testing lab. Company grew and diversified to include a proprietary line of reference materials for instrument calibration. Sold for 2.5 times gross revenue.
  • Founded marketing and consultation company for the analytical instrumentation business. Reference clients list includes major players from Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S.
  • Participated in management buy out of an off shore XRF manufacturer. Created the worldwide sales and marketing division in Austin and grew sales from under $1MM to $4MM in 3 years. Developed several patenable products for niche market segments, including instruments to meet EPA analysis requirements.
  • Developed XRF technologies for custom and automated systems used in challenging applications. Examples are automated plastic bottle sorter, automated CRT glass sorter, QC tool for photographic plate line, S in petroleum on-line analyzer, automated plating bath analyzers, on-line raw meal cement analyzer, on-line salt in snack food analyzer, plus a variety of real time chemical p rocess stream analyzers.
  • Engineered a solid sampling technology for graphite furnace AA, an NIR spectrometer for refrigerant analysis, an ECD detector for on-line S determination.
  • Published over 30 papers, presented at technical conferences worldwide, proposed and awarded SBIR contracts, awarded USCC Blue Ribbon Enterprise Award, featured on CNN Business Today and several national business magazines.

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