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February 2011  :: Article in Scrap Magazine...Meatball Separators....CLICK HERE

December 2010  :: Article in Waste Management...AAI technology Cited for Automated CCA Extraction, see section 2 for our contribution....CLICK HERE

November 2010  :: DHP-1000 promoted at 12th Annual China Mining Congress & Expo...CLICK HERE

November 15,2010  :: Article in Instrument Business Outlook : Austin AI: EDXRF Systems....CLICK HERE

July 2010  :: Austin AI announces the signing of a Sales Agency agreement with CommoDas, of Wedel, Germany...CLICK HERE

January 2010  :: Austin AI opens new facility...CLICK HERE

October 2009  :: Austin AI and TITECH announce partnership to deliver automated EDXRF sorting capability...CLICK HERE

September 2009  :: Austin AI aquires $1.2 million loan ...CLICK HERE

May 2009  :: Elemental Analytical Probe For On-Field Depth Profiling... CLICK HERE

May 2009  :: X-ray Fluorescence Against Glass Ceramics... CLICK HERE

May 2009  :: Knock On Wood - Research details how X-ray fluorescence technology could be the most suitable option for the sorting of recovered treated wood waste... CLICK HERE

March 2009  :: Manufacturers combine to help a Japanese recycler separate and recover nonferrous metals from a mixed stream ... CLICK HERE

March 2009  :: Leaded Glass Sorting System Hits the Market ... CLICK HERE

4 November 2008  :: World Scrap Metal Congress Presentation - Automated Production of Low Copper Ferrous Shred ... CLICK HERE

25 June 2007 :: Austin AI announces agreement with OmniSource to build automated XRF copper extracting system ... CLICK HERE

11 September 2006 :: Austin AI wins contract from Schnitzer Steel ... CLICK HERE

11 September 2006 :: Austin AI wins contract from University of Miami ... CLICK HERE 

1 April 2006 :: Austin AI opens new QXR demo facility in Austin, Texas ... CLICK HERE

1 April 2006 :: Download Austin AI's April 2006 newsletter - your guide to automated scrap sorting and separating - Special ISRI addition ... CLICK HERE

8 March 2006 ::
Austin AI's QXR-G aids in glass recycling; identifies and removes glass ceramic from recycling process ... CLICK HERE

27 February 2005 ::
CP-1000 is world's first push probe for the in-situ determination of heavy and hazardous elements in soil... CLICK HERE

27 February 2005 ::  Austin AI's automated sorting & separating system deemed best available technology for metals, plastics & glass industries. To learn more about the QXR series, CLICK HERE

27 February 2005 ::  Austin AI Awards QXI Manufacturing License to Innov-X Systems. To learn more about this new partnership, CLICK HERE

14 May 2004 ::  CP-1000 identifies sub-surface minerals & contaminants better, faster, safer.  To learn more about this Naval Research Lab developed technology, CLICK HERE

18 April 2004 ::  Using X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy to determine chemical composition of engine lube filter debris.  To see paper presented at the Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP) 2004, CLICK HERE

25 Apr 2003 ::  Turbocharge metal scrap processing with Austin AI's QXR-M automated sorting and separating system...CLICK HERE

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